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Oregon is one of the strictest states for ink placement in the dermal layer of skin, requiring a tattoo license for any permanent makeup procedures. So, part time, after work, I completed schooling and received my license. Tattoos are fun, and I love to play with color on the skin! My hubby is a trouper and has been a willing canvass, lol. Then I completed a 100-hour fundamental class for permanent makeup. This class and experience doing brows was required prior to being able to attend an advanced course for areola restoration. Adding in my trouper hubby remodeling a bedroom into a private studio, maneuvering covid pandemic, you are reading about the culmination of a four-year commitment to provide the best possible service to the ladies, gentlemen, and transgender persons of the Portland, Oregon area and surrounding communities.

Hello  there! 

Thank you for taking the time to research a clinician that you think will be the best person to help you complete your medical journey. For such a personal choice, to feel comfortable and confident that you will be in good hands, means the world to me.

My name is Donna. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1996. My experience includes Nursery, NICU, PICU, Peds, Cardiac, Ortho, Med-Surg, Urgent Care, and, most recently and most dear to my heart, Home Health nursing (for 21 years – I must like it!!). My license is still active and I am continuing to provide nursing care in the Oregon City community.

I have always used art as a creative outlet and sought a way to combine both loves into something that would serve the community and fulfill my artist heart. Paramedical Tattoo and permanent makeup fit that!

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